Terms Of Use

DANA’S FOOTPRINT DIGITAL DESIGN Personal Use/Small business Scrap for Hire/Scrap for Others

This product is for your personal use only and small business/scrap for hire/scrap for others.
This product IS NOT for digital scrapbooking commercial use, which means, you are NOT allowed to create any type of digital scrapbooking kits using this product. If you want to do so, please, buy the commercial use version of this product, if available.


-YOU MAY modify my work for yourself only.

-YOU MAY NOT resell this product in whole, in parts or altered or use it to create commercial use items.
-YOU MAY NOT share or redistribute the whole kit or parts of the kit, not even to your friends and family.
-YOU MAY NOT use my designs, whether you purchased them or got them as freebies, to make another freebie or commercial products.
-YOU MAY NOT use any of my work for obscene, defamatory or immoral purposes.
-Credit: If you liked using my products and you are uploading or submitting a layout in which you used my products to digiscrap galleries and forums, I’d of course be very happy and appreciate it if you would credit me. But frankly, I’d much more prefer if you’d send me a link to your work, so I can credit YOU and your creativity! It’s also fine by me if you don’t feel like doing either. Thank you very much for purchasing my product!

I do require to be credited though when you submit LO’s using my products to magazines and contests. In these cases, please mention (kit name) DANA’S FOOTPRINT DIGIAL DESIGN.
Thank you!


You, as individual purchaser, may use, copy and modify these files for your own small business (home-based) and scrap for hire/scrap for others use, provided you respect the following conditions:

-You may create customs cards, bags, boxes, scrapbook layouts (flattened jpeg), calendars, flyers, brochures, candy bar wrappers, photos albums, e-cards and other similar crafts projects for yourself or for your customers, as long as they are individual layouts or albums for individual customers. You cannot create one quickpage/album/bragbook etc. and use them multiple times for multiple customers. Every layout/album must be original and specific to that customer.
-Layouts must be supplied to the end customer as a flattened jpeg with photos included or as a final printed product. At no time you will sell or give away papers, elements, alphas or any part of a digital kit.
-You may save one copy of the file to a CD, DVD, or external hard drive as a back up for your personal use only.
-My kits/papers/elements are tools that you use to create a finished product. A template is not considered a finished product.
-You may use my kits to create a website but you have to credit me properly: (name of product, Dana’s Footprint Digital Design). The website must be meant for people of all ages. No obscene, adults-only, violent, racist or sexist website will be tolerated.
-You may not claim these graphics as your own (even for altered/recoloured graphics as much as the original ones).
-Create templates, quickpages, sketches, textures packs, alpha sets, brushes, doodles or cutouts to give away as freebies or to sell .
-You may not redistribute, loan, share my kits/papers/elements in any way. You may sell a creation, NOT the kits/papers/elements themselves.
-You may not print out my kits/papers/elements and sell them in a store or online (including ebay). Selling my kits/papers/elements is prohibited.
-You may not sell or give your creations on a large scale (not more than 100 copies of the same project).
-You may not share my products in any way, form or shape with your family, friends or any other people. Please, send them the link to the store or my blog if they are interested in the products.

Thank you,

Contact information:
Designer – Vicki Eggins
Email – vicki.eggins23@gmail.com
Webpage – https://danasfootprintdigitaldesign.wordpress.com/


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